Michael Haberman

Angular Universal

Michael Haberman (MCT, MCPD, AWS solution architect, GDG organizer) is a senior consultant and Lecturer. He is a fullstack expert, which specializes in rich client technologies such as Javascript, HTML & CSS, Loves Node JS and AWS. Micro services is my new specialty.
Michael is the co‚Äďauthor of Microsoft’s official courses for Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using C# (20484C) and Advanced Windows Store App Development Using C# (20485C).
In addition to consulting Michael trains, lectures and speaks at conferences both in Israel and abroad.
Angular Universal
So, you are a great Angular developer, your code is smooth, fast and just awesome, but when you boot your website it just takes time to load, and no CDN or minification fixed it. Therefore, you should get to know Angular universal which will help us solve your problem by using pre-rendering solution