Gil Fink

Demystifying Angular Animation

Gil is a web development expert, Microsoft MVP and sparXys CEO. He is currently consulting for various enterprises and companies, where he helps to develop web solutions. He conducts lectures and workshops for individuals and enterprises who want to specialize in infrastructure and web development. He is also co-author of several Microsoft Official Courses (MOCs) and training kits, co-author of Pro Single Page Application Development book (Apress), co-organiser of GDG Rashlatz Meetup and AngularUP conference.

Demystifying Angular Animation

Adding animations or transitions to web components can be intimidating like hell. When it comes to Angular, animations are integrated in the Angular component making them less scary and much easier to apply.

In this session we will learn how the Angular animation module works underneath and how to use the module to add animations and transitions in your Angular apps.